Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The GeoModeller and Intrepid software provide tailored solutions focused on problem-solving for Oil & Gas users in exploration and modelling settings, offshore and onshore.

GeoModeller Seismic Data Integration and modelling

Our seismic toolbox enables users to import Navigation Data, Horizon picks and SEGY sections directly into GeoModeller to assist with 3D geological modelling, constrain inversions and maintain models up to date with the latest data. Forward 2D sections from your 3D geological model using custom defined velocity models and link to your data.

Drillhole Management

Our Drillhole Management supports the standard Collar, Survey, Geology format for both import and export of lithological, numerical and structural data…

Advanced Fault Management

Our Advanced Fault Management supports the generation of complex fault structures via orientation and trace data, modelling surfaces as well as from WormE edge detection…

GeoModeller Stochastic Inversion

Use our geologically integrated joint Grav/Mag stochastic inversion algorithm to discover more, tackle risk and propose alternative interpretations.

Intrepid Multi Scale Edge Detection

Intrepid’s Multi Scale Edge Detection (WORME) is the unparalleled interpretation aid for potential fields geophysics to resolve geological complexity.

Intrepid Depth to Basement

Extract depth to basement information instantly from grav/mag grids with our unique implementation of Murphy and Rao inversion method.

FFT filtering

Improve QA/QC with Intrepid’s spatial frequency filtering and processing of potential fields grids.

Sea-g Marine Gravity Survey data processing software.

Sea-g is Intrepid’s expert solution for on-the-fly processing of marine gravity.

Cauchy High Order Derivatives & Downward Continuations

We provide downward continuations and interpretation products services for airborne magnetic, gravity, FTG and gradiometry.