Sea-g Marine Gravity

Sea-g is a fully featured Marine Gravity Processing application powered by Intrepid technology for on-cruise and post-cruise use.


Sea-g takes the user step by step through the planning, data reduction, filtering, QA/QC and processing of gravity data..


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Improved workflow

Sea-g reduces downtime, operators can process lines in real time and produce filtered Free Air gravity grids as soon as acquisition ends.
Save consulting costs, retain control of your data and develop the expertise of your own team.
Mid-voyage checks during your survey reduce risk and facilitate survey redesign when further acquisition is required.

Superior algorithm

With Sea-g, users benefit directly from Intrepid software industry leading algorithms. You may combine the raw gravity, monitor, terrain and GPS data to construct
and refine observed gravity grids on the fly. Grids may then be merged, filtered, interpreted natively in the application.
The results are superior to the quality control data from your contractor.

Industry recognized

Intrepid Geophysics works in partnership with acquisition equipment manufacturers to ensure compatibility, reliability and quality.
Sea-g is the exclusive recommended software solution for the Air/Sea II & MGS-6 marine gravity meters by Micro-g La Coste and Scintrex.

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