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13-curve-charts-mathematics-analytics-statistics-finance Noise Reduction

Noise reduction using Maximum Noise Fraction or Noise Adjusted Singular Value Decomposition (NASVD)

Explore Data Uranium Levelling

Remove fluctuations from background radiation in the Uranium channel.

Gamma-ray correction

Standard 3 Corrections. Normalise data, strip Compton scattering and optionally convert count rates to ground concentration for Gamma-ray spectrometer data

Process multi-channel spectra and traditional windowed radiometric spectra with corrections for noise (MNF or NASVD methods), Live/Dead Time, Energy Calibration Drift and Cosmic, Aircraft and Radon background removal.

Produce proportional values for the abundance of Potassium, Uranium and Thorium in the rock/soil by using Standard 3 Corrections to remove Height attenuation and Compton Scattering effects.

Separately remove background data from the error-prone Uranium channel using Uranium levelling.

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