Noise Reduction

Noise reduction using Maximum Noise Fraction or Noise Adjusted Singular Value Decomposition (NASVD)

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1024 Channel Processing and Viewing

Intrepid Radiometrics QAQC now involves full spectral imaging and processing.

Gamma-ray correction

Standard 3 Corrections. Normalise data, strip Compton scattering and optionally convert count rates to ground concentration for Gamma-ray spectrometer data

Process multi-channel spectra and traditional windowed radiometric spectra with corrections for noise (MNF or NASVD methods), Live/Dead Time, Energy Calibration Drift and Cosmic, Aircraft and Radon background removal.


Produce proportional values for the abundance of Potassium, Uranium and Thorium in the rock/soil by using Standard 3 Corrections to remove Height attenuation and Compton Scattering effects.


Work with 3D Explore to produce linked views of spectral, profile and RGB ternary maps, and enhance these map views with full topography drape.

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