Resource Estimation


Resource Estimation


Estimate uncertainties for informed decision-making

Select Model Type

Choose between generating deterministic or stochastic models.

GeoModeller provides a complete suite of 3D interpolators and a comprehensive variographic analysis module aimed at grade estimation. Standard solutions include deterministic inverse distance interpolation, masked kriging and Gaussian simulations. In addition, users gain access to domain Kriging, a unique feature designed and developed by Intrepid Geophysics. GeoModeller’s domain kriging is a generalization of transect kriging to nD curvilinear spaces. Domain kriging enables users to soft constrain the interpolation to geological units and structures while limiting confirmation bias.

Common Applications/Task

Grade Estimation

Physical Properties Interpolation

Predictivity models

Relevant Industries


Geological Survey

Oil & Gas


Geology from Geophysics

Merlinleigh Basin

This case history shows the application of Intrepid Geophysics’ data processing software – Intrepid – combined with the geological and geophysical modelling of GeoModeller.


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Geostatistically and Drilling Constrained Magnetic Inversion for Predicting Mineralisation at the Basil Cu-Co Deposit.

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The analysis of multiple data sets is required to select a realistic 3D geological model among an infinite number of possibilities.