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Resource Estimation

Resource Estimation

tectonic-plate-collision-earthquake-movement Constrain Grade

Interpolation to geological structures


Estimate uncertainties for informed decisionmaking

a Select Model

Choose between deterministic and stochastic

GeoModeller provides a complete suite of 3D interpolators and a comprehensive variographic analysis module aimed at grade estimation. Standard solutions include deterministic inverse distance interpolation, masked kriging and Gaussian simulations. In addition, users gain access to domain Kriging, a unique feature designed and developed by Intrepid Geophysics. GeoModeller’s domain kriging is a generalization of transect kriging to nD curvilinear spaces. Domain kriging enables users to soft constrain the interpolation to geological units and structures while limiting confirmation bias.

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Oil & Gas
Geological Surveys
Geology From Geophysics
Geology From Geophysics
Merlinleigh Basin

This case history shows the application of Intrepid Geophysics’ data processing software Intrepid combined with the geological and geophysical modelling


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The analysis of multiple data sets is required to select a realistic 3D geological model among an infinite number of possibilities.