Seismic Toolbox


Seismic in GeoModeller

Integrate Navigation Data

Integrate navigation data to build corresponding cross-sections and refine this information with clustering

Utilise and Project Seismic Traces

Project your Seismic Traces onto sections and visualise in 3D.

Import Horizon Picks

Import horizon picks directly into the 3D Geological Model.

GeoModeller provides a comprehensive tool kit aimed at integrating seismic and microseismic data into 3D geological and geostatistical modelling. A recent improvement to GeoModeller provides a very efficient method for simplifying seismic derived interpolated surfaces which may be made up of many thousands of points.

With GeoModeller you are able to validate 3D geological models from 2D forward models from seismic data and you may import multiple navigation paths and build the corresponding cross-sections automatically.

Assist your modelling in real-time by projecting Seismic trace data, such as 2D Depth-Corrected SEGY, onto 2D sections and immediately visualised. GeoModeller supports and bolsters your workflow by validating interface consistency from deriving orientation data from neighbouring picks whenever two cross-sections intersect. GeoModeller also registers horizon picks as 3D interface data, which can then be used as direct inputs for your implicit coKriging models.

Common Applications/Task

Onshore mineral exploration and development

Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration

Large Scale Surveys

Relevant Industries

Geophysical Surveys

Oil & Gas