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Software Micro-Training

Micro-Training for Intrepid/Geomodeller and AEM Services

Training doesn’t always need to be an intensive multi-day event.  Our micro training sessions can give you the knowledge you need at a time that suits.

Regardless of whether you are a new user of GeoModeller and Intrepid software, a new user of AEM services, a student seeking a head start in their use of the software or an existing user wanting to expand your knowledge, the Micro-Training sessions are for you.

The Micro-Training sessions are suited towards one or two participants and are offered at a flat rate of 250 USD per hour. We recommend one to two hours for most of the topics listed below.

If you require training for a larger group of people, please let us know and we can tailor an option to suit your needs.

For further information or to request a training block, please contact us.

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GeoModeller Training Topics

GeoModeller training can cover any portion of the following topics.

  • Introductory training for novice GeoModeller users
  • Building a 3D model from drill holes and surface data
  • 2D/3D geophysical modelling
  • Inversion of geophysical datasets in GeoModeller
  • Drill hole management and mesh/grid operations in GeoModeller
Intrepid General Topics

Intrepid training can cover any portion of the following topics.

  • Introductory training for novice Intrepid users or Overview of new tools in Intrepid v6
  • Gridding and Gridmerge
  • Line and Grid Filtering
  • 3D Explore geophysical dataset visualisation platform (image processing)
  • QAQC methods or 3D geology from geophysics tools and upgrades to existing tools
  • New Python scripting interface to all tools, Google Protocol Buffer unified API or Seamless scripting / API integration with Intrepid tools
Intrepid Specialised Topics

Intrepid training can cover any portion of the following topics.

  • Equivalent layer, anisotropic clustering for geophysics datasets and Lidar point cloud clustering module
  • Magnetic transect inversion algorithm (an improvement over Spector-Grant method)
  • Random dipoles forward and inversion operator
  • Forward modelling: random dipole, the scripting language for geophysics modelling, 3D FFT, Facet magnetic forward modelling
  • Gravity reduction, Gradiometry or the Radiometrics processing stream
2.5D AEM Inversion - The Benefits (Why, Where and When)
  • An introduction to AEM systems, the derived products and their application.
  • Case studies for Confined Conductors (VMS, Graphite etc) and Geological and Structural Mapping
  • Case studies for Groundwater, Engineering and Environmental
  • Constrained inversions using properties derived from other geological and geophysical reference data.
  • Forward Modelling Studies – What can be detected, which AEM system is optimal, what will it cost?