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GeoIntrepid Solution Services

To maximise the business benefits from your software purchase, we specialise in providing power-user solutions, including geophysical data processing, interpretation, quality control and 3D geological and geophysical modelling.

Consulting services

Our team of geologists and geophysicists has extensive experience and expertise with a wide range of geological and geophysical data:

  • Airborne EM 2.5D inversion
  • 3D Modelling and Inversion – Geology from Geophysics
  • Depth to Basement estimation eg., Basin Settings
  • Multiscale Edge Enhancement (WormE & 3D-Worms) – eg., Crystalline Basement
  • Airborne and Ground Data Processing
  • Airborne Magnetic and Gravity Gradiometry – Processing and QC
  • Marine Data Processing and QC

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Custom software development

Intrepid Geophysics also provides custom software developments:

  • Modification and enhancements to modules within our suite of software products
  • Bespoke software solutions to solve customer problems
  • Software development in project support, such as: Installing our software on diverse HPC (High Performance Computing) facilities
  • Developing processing modules for specific geophysical instruments, particularly using the full tensor
  • Developing tools to process specific legacy data

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Software Micro-Training

Training doesn’t always need to be an intensive multi-day event.  Our micro training sessions can give yourself, and small groups the knowledge you need at a time that suits.

Get Software training tailored to:

  • Introductory training for novice Intrepid/GeoModeller users
  • Building a 3D model from drill holes and surface data
  • 2D/3D geophysical modelling
  • Drill hole management and mesh/grid operations in GeoModeller
  • Gridding and Gridmerge
  • Gradiometry
  • QAQC methods
  • and more

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