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GeoIntrepid Solution Services

To maximise the business benefits from your software purchase, we specialise in providing power-user solutions, including geophysical data processing, interpretation, quality control and 3D geological and geophysical modelling.

2.5 Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion

Intrepid Geophysics provides a 2.5D full waveform Inversion service for airborne electromagnetic survey data using our proprietary MOKSHA-EM inversion software. MOKSHA-EM’s core algorithm assumes 2D geology and a 3D source… Read More

Cauchy High Order Derivatives

Intrepid provides a Cauchy High Order Derivative product generation services for both line and point datasets. Continental-scale datasets are supported as inputs to this process and can also be combined with other data… Read More

Full Tensor Gravity and Falcon Products

Intrepid Geophysics and our consultants provide data processing services and valuable additions to interpretations for Falcon and FTG Data.

Falcon and FTG data can be used as inputs into specialised workflows like TrendQ, High-order derivatives and Layer-Stripping;….. Read More

Geological Modelling

GeoModeller uses a geostatistical vector field interpolator to build the 3D interfaces and fault network using structural data, sections, drillholes and geophysics as inputs. The CoKriging interpolator allows the user to define formation-specific anisotropy … Read More


Intrepid provides a tensor and vector data gridding service for line and point datasets. Our tools utilise a range of gridding methods and parameters. Continental-scale datasets are supported as inputs to this process and can also be combined with other data… Read More

Resource Estimation

GeoModeller provides a complete suite of 3D interpolators and a comprehensive variographic analysis module aimed at grade estimation. Standard solutions include deterministic inverse distance interpolation, masked kriging and Gaussian simulations… Read More

WormE Automated Feature Extraction

Intrepid Geophysics provides automatic workflow services for a variety of our tools covering small to extremely large datasets. The WormE tool in particular is used for feature extraction/generation in the form of points, or series of points, and the various tools can be automated to run on most geophysical datasets both efficiently and in a timely manner using our super fast in-house processing hardware.

Consulting services

Our team of geologists and geophysicists has extensive experience and expertise with a wide range of geological and geophysical data:

Custom software development

Intrepid Geophysics also provides custom software developments:

Software Micro-Training

Training doesn’t always need to be an intensive multi-day event. Our micro training sessions can give yourself, and small groups the knowledge you need at a time that suits.

Software Micro-Training

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