Specialised Grav-Mag Tools

Specialised Grav-Mag Tools

Specialised Gravity Tools

Produce Euler from Tensor data

Full tensor gravity (FTG) and magnetic gradient grids derived directly from observed survey data produce better results due to more constraints

Depth Estimation

Depth Estimation from upwards iterations of edge dection

Workflow into GeoModeller

Transfer Euler estimations into GeoModeller to locate contacts between bodies.

The Euler Deconvolution tool calculates Euler depth estimates from Magnetic and Gravity field data with a preference towards  FTG (Full Tensor Gravity) and magnetic gradient data. The process produces results for the location, depth below sensor, reliability and error estimation of the Euler solutions.

The Multi-scale edge detection tool, WormE, is used to find edges of the horizontal gradient grid of a potential field, across many upward iterations of data. These results are an estimate to the depth of the geological bodies and can be used in GeoModeller to locate the main contacts.

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