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Versions of software prior to Intrepid 6.0.x and GeoModeller 4.0.x are in process of deprecation and will not receive support.

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Release Notes

This revision addressed the following issues on top of the late Dec 2020 release (v6.2.0):

  • [jfmanager] Improved startup performance when default to a folder with plenty of datasets;
  • [Projection] Added a parameter INTREPID_ERMAPPER_EPSG_PROJ_DATUM to install.cfg to switch between projection/datum and EPSG code in output;
  • [Projection] INTBTA-5043: make sure proj lib is used when possible;
  • [Misc] Allowed export to KML;
  • [Licensing] Fixed an issue when some certain flash disks are attached, hostid can not be calculated;

This revision fixes the broken sun angle drape colour mode in 3DExplore in the 4 Dec 2020 release.

  • [3DExplore] Eliminate the edge effects in the sun angle drape case.
  • [Batch] Compensate for google parser not liking leading zeros
  • [Dataset Resampler] Improve pre-load graphics support
  • [decorrugation] Histogram stretch no longer default visualisation
  • [Export] CSV export fix char fields
  • [Gravity] Added CG6 support
  • [Gravity] Added date option for plotting.
  • [Gravity] Added julian and corrected gravity reading fields to drift dataset
  • [Gravity] Added supplementary data to drift curves, short and long linear cases
  • [Gravity] Adjust the CG6 workflows to include a check of the meter drift correction workflow
  • [Gravity] Adjust the precision of julian day in database
  • [Gravity] Allow UI to manage absolute tie-ins for CG3/5/6, plus some other UI adjustments
  • [Gravity] Assume GPS comments are leading characters for gravity
  • [Gravity] Check date format in scintrex meters
  • [Gravity] Clears the external gps file field if there are in-situ positioning info
  • [Gravity] Convert the GPS data to geodetic for cg5/cg6 if required
  • [Gravity] Correct the reading time in terms of minutes and seconds
  • [Gravity] Support alpha-numeric station ids for CG5/CG6;
  • [Levelling] Bullet proof sqrt weighting
  • [Misc] Support / improve autoload in levelling, pedit, decorrugation, survey distance calculator, dataset resampler and visual
  • [Projection] Added prj name for aus lambert
  • [Projection] Added support for initializing mapproj objects with epsg codes, allow for direct transformation to another epsg code without using internal proj methods
  • [Projection] Fixes ETRS89 and EUREF
  • [Radiometrics] Added save summed spectra group Bys fields
  • [Radiometrics] BY_FLIGHT now the default for spectra processing
  • [Radiometrics] make the pca decomposition, keep specific versions
  • [Radiometrics] make the pca smooth work, by pseudo flight
  • [TrendQ] Added a report file to trendq
  • [TrendQ] Added corner calc force flag
  • [TrendQ] Added more specs for trendQ tasks
    Resolution and GUI placement improvements on monitors greater than 1920×1080.
  • [Visual] Added roi for line/point data
  • [Visual] Adjust for gridloc variables
  • [Visual] Change to allow more than 4 grids in one image class scene ie the gridmerge multi-grids sharing the same iosubset
  • [Visual] Fix a problem opening line dataset in visual from menu
  • Added 3-Band RGB export option.
  • Added layer cake launching to filemanager
  • Added popup to edit datum/proj for a grid.
  • Added some GUI controls for variable GRF
  • Added valid combination filtering to gui
  • Adjust the calibration spectra, and Caesium as an extra standard window
  • Deprecated interviews drift curves
  • Deprecated the old gravity wizard
  • Fixed ers header writer for epsg derived mapprojs
  • Rotated Grids have added support across a number of tools
  • Generalize the variable GRF correction, to include component calculations
  • Gravity Import: Fixed crashes, persistence, CG6 workflow, 3DExplore launch
  • INTBTA-3556: stricter implementation of datatypes when outputting from jgridff.
  • INTBTA-3920: Outlier clipping in SpreadSheet editor.
  • INTBTA-3987: Support latest ERMapper format
  • INTBTA-4094: [SA] Fixed shapefile winding order
  • INTBTA-4184: Improve UI under high-contrast mode
  • INTBTA-4212: Fixed tmpdfaGridcache files being left in directories after GridMerge
  • INTBTA-4213: [SA] Large state grids do not import into spreadsheet editor
  • INTBTA-4220: [SA] Complete Caesium and other isotopes (cobalt, europium) in standard three windowing
  • INTBTA-4265: update IGRF to v13 (2020).
  • INTBTA-4298: Create RGB White cyclic luts
  • INTBTA-4327: Fixed zoom button issue in visual
  • INTBTA-4338: Improve the auto load for poly levelling, crash has been resolved
  • INTBTA-4384: support for conversion between 256/258/512/1024 channel data
  • INTBTA-4430: Added csv export ability to intrepid
  • INTBTA-4433: Resolved naming convention for JGridding outputs with multiband.
  • INTBTA-4466: Allow multi selection of surveys in cg5/6 import
  • Make JGridding vector dataset loading faster.
  • optimize batch rendering of tensor products, skipping the redraws
  • optimize the performance of stat calculations in jfmanager
  • remove IGRF date as a string, force a day/month/year specification
  • set the remanent field direction to the mag field for cylinders by default, radians to degrees fix
  • simplify the gps collocation case with cg6
  • start up for the interview style tools, from a command line dataset
  • stop supporting grids being reprojected in subsection tool
  • support up to 20 grids in visual via the GUI preload
  • switch out the term INTREPID_BICUBIC, as it is actually INTREPID_NEWTON4TH
  • tooltips for layer cake GUI have been added
  • The full release notes can be found within the installer or here.

Release Notes Intrepid Linux 6.1.4

  • Performance Optimisation
  • Added support for Multiband data in Profile Plots
  • Added KML protobuf options
  • Core software upgrades
  • Fixed support of tensor data in Poly. Level
  • Magnetics Transects GUI and functionality improvements.
  • Online Documentation

Release Notes GeoModeller V4.0.8

  • Point List Editor now populates from ..DIR
  • Open Shell option has been moved to the file menu, allowing it’s use regardless of the presence of an open project.
  • Improved GUI on Hi-DPI screens utilising scaling
  • Performance improvement for creation of projects using a horizontal DTM
  • Debug dropdown has been removed from the menus.
  • Save projects to task saves horizontal DTM correctly now.
  • Fault centre information is now carried into task files to allow for project re-construction.
  • Fixed a bug regarding 2D Sections windows being restores.