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Chloé Burney

Chloé Burney Consulting Geophysicist, GeoIntrepid

Chloé is contracted by GeoIntrepid for various project roles including geophysical processing, 3D geology model-building, and software training. She is an experienced Project Geophysicist, and a motivated self-starter in team roles.

Chloé completed her university studies in 2010 receiving a Master’s degree from the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris (geology studies with a major in geophysics). During her Master’s degree, she undertook various courses and internships in field geophysics acquisition including: EM measurement for aquifer detection, seismic profiles acquisition for building construction purposes, low and high frequency radar measurements for geology and engineering, as well as ground gravity and magnetic surveys.

Chloé first joined Intrepid Geophysics in 2010 when she undertook an internship involving the design and development of a micro-seismic interpretation tool within the 3D GeoModeller software, initially testing the tool on geothermal project data.