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Dr. Mark Dransfield

Dr. Mark Dransfield Geophysical Consultant

Dr Mark Dransfield is an expert geophysicist specialising in airborne gravity gradiometry, a field in which he has been a pioneer and leader for over 20 years. Other key areas of expertise include geophysical inversion, geophysical data processing and analysis, research leadership and technology assessment. Mark has made many conference presentations and has published papers in gravity gradiometry and electromagnetic, vector magnetic and total-field magnetic prospecting.

His career includes roles at Seltrust Mining and BP Minerals as geophysicist and computing manager, CRA and Rio Tinto as senior geophysicist specialising in geophysical inversions and radiometrics, BHP as principal research scientist and manager (Falcon team) and Fugro and CGG as AGG Manager and Technology Manager.

Mark provides consulting to Intrepid Geophysics and a range of other clients, is available on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.