Rainer Wackerle

Rainer Wackerle

Manager, GeoIntrepid Namibia

Rainer Wackerle holds a Diploma (MSc. Equivalent) in Applied Geophysics from the Technical University of Berlin. He started his career at the “Büro für Geophysik” in 1990 performing environmental and engineering geophysical consulting in the area of Berlin and the former German Democratic Republic. This included waste disposal investigation, detection of hazardous waste, detection of UXOs and ground water investigation.

From 1993 to 1996 he worked as an exploration geophysicist with the ‘Mineral Prospecting Promotion Project’ of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) seconded to the Geological Survey of Namibia. In this role he participated in the compilation of the Namibian regional airborne magnetic survey data.

In 1997 Rainer joined the Geological Survey of Namibia where he held the position of Senior, later Chief geophysicist. During this time he was responsible for the geophysical activities of the Survey, including quality control of more than 4.5 million line-km of airborne geophysical surveys and supervision of the seismological and magnetic observatories operated by the Survey in co-operation with other institutions.

In 2009 he established GeoIntrepid Namibia where he is currently the Manager. GeoIntrepid Namibia provides a range of services including gravity, magnetic and radiometric data processing, data compilations, quality control (QC), image processing and interpretation of ground, marine and airborne geophysical data, satellite imagery and hyperspectral data.