Tensor Filtering


Tensor Filtering


Tensor Line Filtering

Create or Apply predefined spatial and spectral filters to tensor data.

Tensor Grid Filter

Enhance data by correcting/removing features or transforming the signal data using a range of specialised filters for tensors

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Grid Filtering using Kernels

Use statistical filters to correct neighbouring cells.

Intrepid Filtering supports spatial and spectral domain filters (and their combination) on line and gridded tensor datasets to enhance geophysical data and features.

GridFFT is the primary grid filtering tool from Intrepid, it can be used to enhance or correct features, remove noise or transform the signal data. The tool conducts the enhancements by converting data into Fourier space and back once complete. A range of predefined filters can be used in isolation, or in combination to enhance your data. Intrepid also has two other grid filtering tools, Spatial Convolution and Wiener Kernels.

Common Applications/Task

Apply Filters to Tensor Data from one or many components.

First vertical derivative of potential fields to identify noise or features

Relevant Industries


Geophysical Survey

Oil & Gas

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