Conceptualization for Groundwater Modelling


FEFLOW Modelling

Imprint Geological information

Imprint Geological information to existing FEFLOW meshes

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Export 3D geological models to finite elements ready meshes

Use and Visualise

Handle and Visualise smart layered and super meshed formats

GeoModeller proposes a fully integrated and customizable meshing tool using CGAL technology. The conceptualization may then be loaded directly into FEFLOW without any conversion step. Tetrahedron meshes are guaranteed watertight and manifold for arbitrary geological shapes. Special mesh validation and mesh refining tools are also provided to ensure the best outcome for finite elements simulation.

Common Applications/Task

Geology Constrained Watermodelling

Infrastructure Planning

Geotechnical Risk Assessement

Relevant Industries

Groundwater Modelling


Geological Surveys

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