What’s New

What’s New

Intrepid-3D v6.2.3

What’s New

Unleash the Power: Intrepid-3D v6.2.3

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to Intrepid Geophysics, Release v6.2.3. This release focuses on refining your experience and addressing some key areas that will make your workflow smoother and more efficient.

 Here are the highlights of this release:

Resolved Z-Axis Issue in GOCAD Voxet Export: We’ve tackled an issue related to an incorrect Z-axis in GOCAD voxet exports. Your data will now be accurately represented when exporting in this format, ensuring the integrity of your geophysical projects.

Enhanced GeoTIFF Export Support: For batch users, we’ve stream lined the GeoTIFF export process. You can easily standardize your mapview in 3D Explore and then export your images via our .task file interface. This feature simplifies exporting and promotes consistency in your GeoTIFF exports.

Improved 3D Explore Voxet Rendering: This enhancement results in improved visualization and making it even easier for you to derive insights from your three-dimensional data.

Further Adoption of EPSG Codes: To enhance the consistency of proj/datums in your projects, we’ve continued to adopt EPSG codes as references, and proj/datums in GXF grids have been further supported. This standardization ensures that your spatial data is managed reliably.

Working with VSCode: JFmanager can directly open the working directory into VSCode, making the jump from Intrepid Tools -> Batch easier, smoother and more modern.

Improved Performance for batch/application start-up: Small improvements have been made throughout to make the software more efficient.

GeoInnovate: Revolutionizing Geophysics

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Meet Cauchy 🏆 : Transforming Geophysical Data Analysis
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– Offers high-precision anomaly detection, reducing ambiguity.
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Discover the Power of GeoModeller
Ep.1 The Stratigraphic Pile

Attention, Geoscientists and Exploration Enthusiasts!

Intrepid Geophysics is thrilled to present a captivating video series introducing the remarkable features of our cutting-edge software, Geomodeller. Brace yourselves for an exploration journey like no other, as we unveil the boundless potential of this remarkable tool! In our first video, we dive deep into “Stratigraphic Rules for Conceptual Models”. Witness how we explore the importance of geological and chronological sequences when creating conceptual models using Geomodeller. You will gain insights into how Geomodeller’s advanced algorithms and tools simplify the process of incorporating accurate stratigraphic rules into your geological models. 

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your geological modeling practices and unlock new horizons of exploration. Stay tuned for the release of our captivating video series and prepare to embark on a transformative journey with Intrepid Geophysics and Geomodeller!


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What’s New

Intrepid 6.2 – Intrepid3D

Intrepid 6.2 makes Continental Scale Geophysics and Feature Extraction more accurate, straightforward, and routine.

It includes our work for Intrepid3D which provides a variety of rendering changes that utilise 3D graphics and shaders, enabling larger datasets to be visualised. It also includes updates to the Geology from Geophysics tools so that they now deliver 3D datapoints with attributed properties such as susceptibility for feature extraction.


This automated feature extraction reduces uncertainty that is introduced by individual-interpretations.


Intrepid 6.2 introduces new features and tools, like the TrendQ Gridding, a new WormE GUI, and the refactoring of tools like terrain correction to make them more apparent and accessible than before.

Intrepid Automation

Generated documentation and diagrams for the Google Protobuff API for Intrepid are now part of the software package.


These diagrams expose the structure and parameters used to automate processing and interpretation workflows. They are found in the Help Menu of the Project Manager, under Protobuf Documentation.


Contact us if you wish to learn more about our Automation and Software Training sessions.

Superquadric Glyphs in 3D Explore - Providing Intuitive Visualisation of Vector, Tensor and Time Domain Measurement Data

As geophysical observations become more complex, involving phenomena like gradients and time decay curves, we can begin to see that our limited and standard imaging options available do not convey the complexity. Intrepid has begun using glyphs and the advances made in the modern graphics card to address these issues and provide intuitive visualisation of complex systems.


The latest addition to this effort is the superquadric tensor glyphs, as described by Kindlmann the superquadric provides a balance between the symmetry of ellipsoids, and shape and direction of cylinders and cuboids for the visualisation of tensor data.


Kindlmann, Gordon. (2004). Superquadric Tensor Glyphs. Visualization (VisSym), EG/IEEE TCVG Symposium on.

147-154. 10.2312/VisSym/VisSym04/147-154.

Intrepid, AEM and AWS

Intrepid Geophysics has recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services to bring our AEM Inversion service to the cloud. 2.5D Airborne Electromagnetic inversions are now able to be run on AWS, allowing for rapid scaling in projects and faster turnaround for larger scale surveys. To learn more about Intrepid Geophysics collaboration with AWS and, see their interview with Des Fitzgerald on YouTube

Services and Expertise

Throughout the year Intrepid Geophysics has been routinely producing regional and permit scale results for global clients. Alongside our current services, the Intrepid Geophysics team have been adding further AEM products:

As well as Geological and Geophysical Products:

Incoming changes for 6.1.5

The traditional web-based technology used in JetStream is now upgraded, using the Google microservices and messaging, and the JetStream Service’s functionality has been extended in the Intrepid Project Manager. The JetStream catalog is also made more flexible, by being upgraded to the internal ioDB standard. Hence many more fields are “standard”, as are the set of tools to build and support the catalog.


Multi-scale edge detection wizard has been updated to enable all batch functionality including the loading and saving of task files.


GridMerge now supports 64bit indexing, which enables the tool to track the grid-refinements and processing for 32+ gigabyte output grids.