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What’s new in our latest releases – December 2020

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Intrepid 6.1.4 brings a raft of new back-end updates as well as extensive visualisation reworking with improvements to tool interfaces, including support for 4K monitors. Ground gravity capability now leverages off the strengths of the engine room of Intrepid Geophysics’ Sea-G Marine Gravity software to provide a more intuitive workflow for users. Automation and 3D visualisation has taken a front seat with multiple enhancements including GPU Glyph technology and significant step up in performance of large datasets. The future release of the new 2020 National TMI Geoscience Australia is later this financial year and was created by Intrepid Geophysics’ Mike Morse for Geoscience Australia leveraging these new capabilities.

Intrepid v6.1.4

Glyph Technology and Improved Camera controls for Interpretation

Glyph technology for multi-dimensional Workflows has been added to Intrepid’s 3D explore tool. The Intrepid product has unique tensor processing and visualization which is exclusive to the Intrepid software. To support this tensor visualisation, circular lookup linear tables have been added for tensor gradient phase angles. This visualization is fully integrated into 3D explore and is compatible with RGB style visualization.

The ability to create synced cameras in the 3D Explore workspace has been added, by syncing two views any camera action is replicated across the views, allowing you to have side by side views of potential physics in a region, or a mixture of geology and potentials.

Ground Based Gravity Workflow

Additions and modifications have been made to the gravity data workflow in Intrepid. A Java Based GUI replaces the old interface, and relies on 3D Explore for the visualisation of Drift Curves, Principal Facts and station location. Within this new GUI we are able to support ground-based gravity data processing within CG6 and are able to import multiple surveys of cg5 and cg6 in a single pass.


1024 Band Radiometrics Processing

Full 1024 band support for radiometrics data has been added to Intrepid, allowing for unparalleled resolution and ease of processing for radiometrics data. Example task files have been added to the Radiometrics cookbook, providing an excellent starting point for users to experience the changes made to processing and visualization workflows.

Visualisation Performance Improvements

3D Explore can now make use of the GPU for processing of glyph and shading, this marks the beginning of our work which aims to utilise the impressive strength of modern GPUs for processing and visualisation.

Improved support for GeoTiff exports

Additional and improved export options have been added to better support you with integrations with other technologies and interpretation tools, providing you with faster and easier to obtain results.

Python Interface with Intrepid

In this release we have included Python demonstrations for the Google Protobuf/Task file system. The Python binding can be found on our GitHub.

Contact our support for assistance with utilizing this system.

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