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Working From Home Arrangements

We hope that you are faring well during this challenging time, as people around the globe are united in facing the impact of the novel COVID-19 pandemic.  During this period of increased uncertainty, we would like to reassure our customers that Intrepid Geophysics will remain online and ready to assist our customers in whatever way we can.

We understand that for many, this is not a time of ‘business as usual’.  For some, working remotely may be an option.  For those of our current customers who can, and choose, to work remotely, Intrepid Geophysics would like to assist by helping you with your software licensing.

Assistance Option A – If you would like to run a licence on your home computer and you already make use of a Dongle.

This option is suitable for you if you already have a working dongle-based license. To enable the dongle’s on your alternative workstation, you will need to:

  • Install the version of software that you are licensed for, if you no longer have access to the correct installer, you can contact support for a download link.
  • Within the installation directory of the product, there will be a sentinel driver installer.
 Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.0.exe
  • After installing the driver, you will be able to launch the product, which will request a license key (cookie). Contact support with your relevant details if you are unable to access your previous license key.

Assistance Option B – If you would like to run a licence on your home computer

This option might be suitable for you if you usually access your software using a computer locked licence from your workplace and would now like to work from home but don’t have access to a licence key.

Assistance Option C – If you would like to access your office workstation remotely

This option might be suitable for you if you would like to access your office computer remotely, via RDP, from your home computer.
Please note that a dongle based licence will NOT work in this scenario. However, we can still issue you with a computer-locked licence to overcome this problem

You will need to ensure that your graphics card/GPU meets the requirement of supporting OpenGL over RDP.

nVidia GeForce products do not support OpenGL over Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol. Therefore they can not be used for GeoModeller or Intrepid 3D Explore remotely via RDP

The nVidia Quadro series or AMD / Intel products support OpenGL over RDP

If you’re not sure about your system’s specifications, please follow the instructions below;
Click on the ‘Start’ button, at the bottom left of your monitor, and then type


to run a diagnostic tool.
The ‘System’ tab shows CPU information and the ‘Display 1’ and ‘Display 2’ tabs how information on GPU and its driver.
If you remain unsure about the specifications, click on the ‘Save all information’ button, to save the information into a text file. You can then send the text file to us for further investigation.

Below is an example of what you should see.

If you would like to discuss either of these options with one of our team members, please contact us

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